06 August 2012

Getting big in my area-ish, but not in MY area.

For a wannabe loft dweller—and by that I mean a real loft, not a loft-like space—finding such a dwelling isn't so easy when you seek an address in the suburbs. Unless you want to live in a city, genuine loft spaces are near impossible to find.

The old, industrial spaces are naturally found in city areas, populated around the transportation systems, the waterways, the centers of industry. So why, I wonder, don't builders recreate actual loft spaces in suburban areas? If the structures, living style, and architecture are popular, why not reproduce them in non-urban areas?

I know that I, for at least one, would pay to live in a suburban loft. I'm not talking places like The Lofts at Valley Forge or Sharples Works in West Chester, I'm talking an old, industrial building, or a new industrial-looking building, made into VERY spacious loft spaces. Let the owner divide the space; make the renter suffice in the space. Yeah, provide a kitchen and bath, but leave the living areas open, and make them spacious.


12 June 2012

Cottage-cozy bedroom

This formerly industrial bedroom seems warm and vintagey with the choice of furnishings and the chandelier. I feel like I'm looking at a corner of an Urban Outfitters store.

Image courtesy of digsdigs.com

Sunroom kitchen

Oh, can you imagine having this solarium kitchen? I do wonder if it would be cold in cooler climates, though. But the light! The view! That space!!
Photo courtesy of digsdigs.com. Original information available here.

Lighting is key

Illumination is key to design, providing impact from the unexpected—lighting edges, the periphery. This space is an old factory, renovated into a home living space and studio.

Photos courtesy of digsdigs.com. Original article here.

06 June 2012

Bright loft living room!

Such bright spaciousness. How I covet thee.

Photo courtesy of Elliman.com. Click here for more information.


Loftbrary: Warming up an already warmed-by-bricks space with wall-encompassing shelves of books. 

 Property and photos courtesy of Elliman.com. Click here for more information.